Vigo County/ Terre Haute BLASTED with Covid-19. Union Hospital Calls in National Guard.

District 7 (which includes Vigo, Vermillion, Parke, Putnam, Owen, Clay, Sullivan, and Greene Counties) still has 12 empty ICU beds according to Indiana Covid-19 Dashboard.

Local Health Care Continues to be pushed to limits, half the community doesn’t buy into the hype of “a problem”

The positivity rate for Covid-19 will not be updated until after the holidays. This will ensure that the county will not move into the Red Advisory until then.

Health care providers locally and across the state are sounding the ALARM about surges, being exhausted, overwhelmed, running out of space, but the steady hand of local government has provided continued reassurance that the county will not shut down.

Vigo County Commissioners previously issued a letter stating they do not support ANY type of mask or vaccination mandates.

“We Do Not Support Government Mandates”

The Vigo County Commissioner is the highest elected government official in the county.

The letter went on to state that CDC guidelines reflect circumstances that exist in other places that are different from the conditions experienced in Terre Haute and Vigo County, Indiana.

Health decisions should be made by individuals, not health agencies.

Commissioner Chris Switzer said that Vigo County citizens can make intelligent decisions about what is best for them.

Vigo County Board of Commissioners claim they will continue to do everything within their power to see that necessary services for testing are made available to everyone in Vigo County.


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