ANOTHER Terre Haute Casino Lawsuit: Something Stinks! So Says Plaintiff

Terre Haute Casino Project Lands Another Lawsuit

Terre Haute Casino Project Slammed with ANOTHER Lawsuit…this time by another loser in the High Stakes Bid for gambling profits in the Hut.

Full House Resorts filed a lawsuit claiming something stinks with Terre Haute’s Casino Decision. They allege the IGC conspired behind closed doors to eliminate them from being awarded a Casino license.

Friday Full House filed a lawsuit against the Indiana Gaming Commission. The lawsuit alleges the IGC violated Indiana’s Open Door Law by holding an executive session during the Nov. 17th meeting.

Full House Resort had proposed an absolutely stunning design for their casino and hotel. The Green House, the parking lot layout, rooftop bar, all very appealing to the eye.

Full House thinks they were cheated out of Casino Deal…Beautiful Casino verses the a view of Terre Hautes Shit Plant

In the lawsuit, Full House claim that no rational person would build what Churchill Downs proposed. A pool top bar and lounge overlooking a sewer plant.

No, not the city council or other Local official. The Actual Terre Haute Sewer Plant.

But, it could probably be overlooking the Wabash River also, and if the City hadn’t been in bed with a different, mad as hell, Casino wanna be that is also suing the IGC, somebody could have developed a beautiful Riverfront Casino.

Sounds like they are saying that Indiana Gaming Commission is corrupt. Like it was a smoke filled backroom deal with Churchill Downs. SCANDAL? No. Frivolous? Prove it.

Full House is FULL Of Something on this one. But the real point is, Churchhill Downs just downed another delay.

The following is a summary of what ACTUALLY happened at the Nov. 17th meeting of the IGC,

and was on the agenda prior to meeting.

After each Candidate pitched their Casino, the IGC voted in public, on camera, and live in front of everyone in attendance to narrow the choices down to TWO.

The committee then went into an executive session(10min) and, as scheduled, returned to the regular meeting to vote for the winner.

Chairman McMains made the motion to vote on awarding the license to Full House and the motion received a 2nd by Vice Chair Fine.

The Vote was then taken with McMains and Fine voting “yes” and the 4 other commissioners voting “no”.

The motion to award Full House the license failed.

Then the motion to vote on awarding Churchill Downs the license was put forth by commissioner Williams and a 2nd was given by commissioner Fine.

All 7 commissioners then voted “Yes” to awarding Churchill Downs the license. Including McMains and Fine.

The problem is, since this may very well be the last Casino license issued in Indiana, NOBODY wants to just follow the rules. It’s all about the GEEB baaaby.

Here is a copy of then Handbook of Indiana’s Public Access Laws. Not that anyone really cares, it’s just another DELAY tactic.

Churchill Downs….Welcome to the Sin City! You may know the Kentucky Derby, but Terre Haute knows the demolition derby.

Welcome to Terre Haute.

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