Terre Haute Wants 20 Million Dollar Grant To Pay for Luxury Apartments.

Grant Money may be used to help pay for Luxury Apartments in Terre Haute

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb on Tuesday announced the recipients of stimulus money Indiana had set aside from the American Rescue Plan.


The Wabash River Regional Development Authority has been awarded $20 million dollars in grant money.

The WRRDA which includes Vigo, Clay, Knox, Parke, Sullivan, and Vermillion counties applied for a grant of up to $50 million dollars awarded by the State of Indiana from Federal Covid-19 stimulus money.

The WaterTree Luxury Apartment Complex on SR 46 is seeking $10,000,000 worth of grant money to build 232 Class A luxury apartments.

The Courtyard Inn downtown is looking for $12,000,000 to build a parking garage.

Both Projects will make the See You In Terre Haute 2025 Plan closer to reality.

The Wabash River Development Authority was not alone in receiving grant money on Tuesday.

One of the winners of the full $50 million dollar grant is the Our Southern Indiana RDA. The Our plans to invest its grant money on wastewater treatment facility upgrades, trails and recreation areas, infrastructure, and 5 different workforce housing areas.


The Our Southern Indiana RDA only plans to give $5 million dollars to help develop affordable and workforce housing. Adding an additional 693 housing units to its housing market.

Vigo County Commissioner Chris Switzer is disappointed.

Switzer, along with local leaders in WRRDA, are upset they didn’t receive the full $50 million dollars, but are very excited to get to decide how to spend the $20 million in stimulus money that is coming.

Everyone will be watching closely to see how the WRRDA ultimately decides how to stimulate some needy people in the local area and make some Quality of Life improvements in the Wabash Valley that everyone will benefit from.

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