Terre Haute Casino Needs to Learn How the Geeb works, Area Officials appear to be Weeping and Gnashing Teeth.

Terre Haute Casino facing propaganda campaign by Local Officials

The Duke and the grease monkey have heard enough shit from this five and dime wanna be Casino that stole their pony.

How does anyone get paid if business owners decide when, where, and how to do business?

That’s what elected Leaders are here for. They know what’s best. So shut up and listen. You want to open a hamburger joint? We will tell you where to put it. Why would we do that? Because we know everything there is to know about the hamburger selling business. So shut up and listen.


UNBELEIVABLE WIN FOR CHURCHILL DOWNS. Terre Haute Gets New Casino and IT’S Not Who They Wanted – Terre Haute News

We are the experts. We wear glasses and get to spew our horse droppings out into the public like knowledge because of our status as the elected elite.

Small time places ( ie. Churchill) with oversight boards, state audits, and share holders often don’t understand all the grease needed to keep a place the size of Terre Haute flowing.

Churchill Downs may know a tiny bit about Casinos and horse tracks, but do they know how to send gifts and perks to keep the movers and shakers of Vigo County happy enough to play nice?

The Duke always rode a great horse in the movies, yet he wasn’t even a politician.

Perhaps by committee vote all public leaders would receive a Derby Winner for the kids to ride around in the backyard. And NO, we didn’t have anything to do with that Derby Winning horse having a “heart attack”. (Partial to waste management)

Might make those pesky zoning problem not be so pesky.

And somebody owes Gibson…. plain and simple

He knows what’s best for Terre Haute. Now What? Is he supposed to just lay down and take this? Hell No. The garage mechanic and the Duke will “talk” with them about how things work in this neck of the woods.

He didn’t run the Boston connection down to have another crap hotel on 46 sit empty

They may move a few highways around to right this wrong.

Fix it fast or the Indiana theater and hulman building might be down by Xmas.

Churchill Downs might want to consider naming the new casino “Table the motion” if they attempt to grow a spine before paying up those campaign geebs.

We will be on TV and in the paper every chance until you understand Who The Hell You Are “Dealing” With.

Hate to put you between a hard rock and place…..

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