Terre Haute’s Nursing Homes add more Dead as FAILED vaccine roll out drags on.

55% of Indiana Nursing Home Employees may REFUSE vaccine

Local Nursing Homes place the blame on pharmacy partners CVS and Walgreens for residents not getting vaccine. No idea when they can stop the deadly spread within their walls.

Staff are refusing the vaccine while patients that desperately want it are left asking “how much longer can I survive?”



Long Term Care Facilities are listed as group 1A on the Covid-19 Vaccine distribution plan. The vaccine produced by Pfizer has been approved for emergency use and the first doses were administered in New York City on Dec. 14th.

Data from the clinical trials of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine indicate that 14 days after the initial dose they are both effective at preventing Covid-19 infection.

Researchers believe that the vaccines will not only prevent a person from getting sick, but may, in all probability, prevent the virus from being able to replicate in a person and be spread asymptomatically. This was not studied in the clinical trials and until it is that claim cannot be stated.


Nursing homes in Terre Haute continue to report New Cases of Staff with Covid-19.

Additional resident infections are occurring from infected staff members. The timeline for residents of these facilities to receive the vaccine is unknown. Nobody knows even though this group is in the highest priority.

Staff should be vaccinated and no longer spreading the Coronavirus, but the vaccine is not mandatory, and therefore the infection continues to spread and the bodies of the elderly continue to pile up. Alone, without friends and family, in an isolated world that they have been sequestered into….for their protection.

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