Mayor Duke Bennett Presides over another Year of continued falling crime and economic growth. Sorta…

The Mayor of Terre Haute has recovered from Covid-19. Prayers answered.

Terre Haute, IN. Mayor Duke Bennett has governed the growth of the city, protected the citizens, and guided the metropolis of Terre Haute for 13 years.

Mayor Bennett has always touted his business acumen and tireless leadership as the reason Terre Haute has not lost more business than it has under his regime.

Mayor Bennett is very proud of his continued, steady, and unique ability to lower crime in the area.

Mayor Bennett however, cannot be expected to be able to lower violent crime every year. So, the Duke can proudly say that in 2011 Rapes were way down, and then in 2015 Murders were down to one. 2020 was a rough year for the Duke, but it’s not an election year, and the pandemic can be the blame if need be.

On the brighter side of things, the Mayor has single handedly built an overpass on Margaret Ave. To hear some describe his efforts its as if everyday, the hard working Mayor was out shoveling dirt himself. The Duke also has brought things to Terre Haute that people would have never dreamed possible. A Culver’s Restaurant, a Casino, (pending further investigation of it’s executives for corruption), and a Convention Center that will bring a number of jobs or at least a couple, and scores of events to Terre Haute.,court%20documents%20filed%20in%20Virginia.

The Convention Center will probably serve as a wedding venue, and has the potential to merely cannibalize unsubsidized private venue operators. The Duke has a plan for that. He has assured the people of Terre Haute that the Food and Beverage Taxes paid will only be used to bring business to Terre Haute that would have went somewhere else…not somewhere else in Terre Haute.

Rest easy and sleep well at night. 2021 is here. The Duke is on Job. Bringing jobs, taxes, overpasses, fees, a Gibson Memorial something or another, jobs, taxes, and more transparent government.


  1. The owners of the Terre Haute casino are not under investigation for corruption. Need to fact check. You should issue a correction.


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