Friday Jan. 8th, anyone over 80 yrs. old in Terre Haute can schedule Covid-19 Vaccine.

Following the mounting pressure to get the Covid-19 vaccine to the population of those most vulnerable to Covid-19, Indiana has announced that starting on Friday Hoosiers over 80 yrs old will be able to schedule an appointment to get vaccinated.

The elderly in Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities will need to make their own appointment for vaccination or wait until the facility can schedule a clinic with a partner pharmacy. LTCF are in phase 1A, but due to scheduling problems Indiana has moved to 1B and left Walgreens and CVS to work out the details with local care facilities.

According to the latest update sent to Terre Haute nursing home residents of Harrison Crossing and Cobblestone Crossing, they do not have an estimate of when they expect to offer vaccinations at their locations.

Harrison Crossing currently is reporting 6 positive staff , 3 residents and a cumulative total of 86 positive cases and 7 deaths.

Update 1/7/21: 6 staff, 4 residents, and cumulative total of 89

Cobblestone Crossing currently is reporting 2 positive staff, 0 residents and a cumulative total of 114 positive cases and 16 deaths.

Daily updates can be found on their website at:

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  1. Very sad to hear that promises are being broken to the unfortunate housed in “care facilities”. What a shameful mess.


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