Terre Haute Schools to Begin Remote Learning on April 6th. Parents Will find out more as the Date get closer.

Remote Learning Start April 6th for Vigo County Students

Monday, March 30, 2020

Vigo County School Corporation officials have stated that remote learning will begin on April 6th. This is due to the global Pandemic Covid-19, which many in the county consider to be hoax.

School officials promise that as the April 6th date gets closer, information will be available at Vigoschools.org.

TerreHauteNews.net visited the vigoschools.org website and noticed that no new information was available Monday 3/30/20, but that visitors were encouraged rather to visit the school corporations Facebook page.

Administrators and school leaders have been very busy checking facebook post the last several weeks and updates naturally would be better made from that platform.

Students without a laptop or dependable internet service are encourage to check facebook also. Students can also log into Skyward for assignments by driving to McDonalds and sitting in the parking lot to use the free wifi.

Teachers had only 2 hours to prepare the take home packets for remote learning. On March 13th, the decision was made to close Vigo County Schools for 3 weeks. Nobody could have ever possibly known that school would need to be closed longer. Also, prior to March 13th, the 2 hour notice was the most that anyone could have expected. Nobody in Terre Haute, Vigo County, or Indiana expected the china flu to be whipped up causing schools to suddenly and completely unexpectedly close.

As you will recall, by March 13th barely 130,000 cases of confirmed Covid-19 had been reported World Wide.

On Dec. 31st China reported to the WHO that 41 patients had some mysterious pneumonia.

Health Officials could see this was a very slow moving virus, probably not very contagious. During the first 45 days of the known existence of Covid-19, it was suspected that no more than 20% of people infected would need medical intervention.

Vigo County Health Officials, in close coordination with State Health Department Appointees, obviously expected this virus to be contained by using the same methods deployed currently by state and local health officials. Mostly prayer. While this could prove to be very effective, perhaps a more scientific approach of testing would have been better.

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