INDIANA Covid-19 Deaths Projected to Hit 1681 by August 4th. Peak will be 97 Deaths per Day around April 17th.

IHME (Institue of Health Metrics and Evaluation release Projections for Indiana Death Toll)

The IHME has released its model projecting the number of ICU beds, ventilators, and deaths for each state for the next 4 months.

Indiana is projected to see the Peak in number of Covid-19 related deaths on April 16-17. Estimates show 97 Hoosiers will die each day if the strict social distancing and business closures continues.

Testing and isolation along with contact tracing in communities that haven’t been hardest hit would reduce the numbers, but Indiana Health officials and the Governor have indicated that widespread testing is not available.

A death toll of 1671 is being labeled a “Best Case Scenario” for Indiana.

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