Terre Haute CoronaVirus Initial Surge Expected to Hit within 2 weeks. Peak numbers of infected by 1st week of May. Failed testing policy to blame for widespread sickness.

Coronavirus Silently Ravages through Terre Haute, Vigo County. Peak expected around the first of May.

The Covid-19 “Surge” is expected to hit Terre Haute by the middle of April. The total number of confirmed cases will remain low, due to lack of testing.

Estimates for what Terre Haute/ Vigo County may expect are hard to come by. Some models using comparable sized communities with initial outbreak occurring earlier project numbers to remain below 100. Other estimates place the total at close to 300 by the end of summer.

With such a limited testing capabilities in Vigo County, the only significant number Health officials are concerned with are the those that require Hospitalization.

Currently 2 of the 6 known active cases in Vigo County the patients are on ventilators. One patient died for a total of 7 known cases.

Contact tracing is being conducted by Indian State Health Department and Vigo County Health Department.

A lower initial exposure to the virus is believed by some to lead to reduced symptoms.


Social distancing and increased sanitation may have provided enough lower initial exposure to most Terre Haute/ Vigo County residents that Hospitalization and testing remain very low even during the peak. It is just unknown at this time.


When the Republican controlled trifecta of Indiana State Government called Mike Pence and asked about “anyone that wants a test will get a test” Pence corrected State leaders and informed them it was never said and if it was then it would be after nobody else needs them. But he’d ask and find out which one it was.

It is suspected that Marion county health officials are stealing them like New York health workers are stealing masks. Stealing our beautiful, perfect test.

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