Terre Haute CASINO wants the Cards to be RE-DEALT on CASINO LEGISLATION. 2 INDIANA House members AGREE.

The Terre Haute Casino Wants The Cards RE-Dealt.

Indiana House of Representatives Tonya Pfaff (district 43) and Alan Morrison (district 42) would like a new deal on casino for Terre Haute.

They do not believe the agreed upon 3 years of payments from the Terre Haute Casino to Evansville is fair and are introducing a bill to rewrite the legislation to remove it.

Part of the gaming legislation that passed last year permits a Casino to built in Terre Haute, but states that the casino operator would need to make decreasing payments to Evansville to help offset the loss in revenue over the next 3 years. Those payments total $2.7 million dollars.

Pfaff and Morrison argue that making a new business pay an existing business just for the right to exist doesn’t seem right.

This was the deal that was made in May of 2019 and now it’s time to sweeten the pot for the home town favorite that made it all happen. The extra $2.7 million dollars in the Casino operators bankroll is the only right thing to do.

Construction of the new Terre Haute casino will begin soon.

The Curtain Has Been pulled back and Terre Haute Leaders are EXCITED

Full House Entertainment was taken to the cleaners when it tried to compete in the shadowy world of Terre Haute commerce.


Terre Haute Casino Rocksino Gibson Deal Revealed to the Sheeple
Terre Haute Casino Local Development Agreement…

Previously Announced: Tues. Nov. 26th

The Terre Haute Casino deal has been revealed. The details have been made public.

The Vigo County Commissioners are acting as the “local unit of government” obligations set forth by the Indiana Gaming Commission to approve and support a Casino operator to get the Vigo County Casino License.

Click to access Vigo%20County%20Application%20and%20License%20Selection%20Questions.pdf

Tuesday Nov. 26th Spectacle presented its plan at the Vigo County Commissioners Meeting.

Spectacle has been meeting with Kristin Craig, the president of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, County Commissioner Brad Anderson, Vigo County Council President Aaron Loudermilk, City Council President Martha Crossen, and Mayor Duke Bennett.

They have reviewed a proposal with Spectacle Entertainment, owned by businessman Greg Gibson, on a local development agreement also required by Indiana Gaming Commission for a Terre Haute Casino.

The proposed agreement would create a Vigo County Community Improvement Foundation governed by 5 directors. The directors would consist of 2 from Spectacle (Greg Gibson), 1 appointed by the Mayor (Duke Bennett), 1 appointed by the president of Chamber of Commerce (Kristin Craig), 1 appointed by the president of County Commissioners (Brad Anderson).

Another condition of the agreement is that the five directors be registers voters of Vigo County. The current Chamber of Commerce President lives in Vermillion County.

The 5 Directors would determine how to spend Spectacle’s 3% payment of adjusted gross, or $3 million on $100 million estimated annual haul.

When asked about the lack of public input about the agreement Chamber President Craig said it was because of the short time frame between the referendum passing and the Indiana Gaming Commission Deadline. 30 days.

On lack of transparency, broader public official involvement, comparisons to other cities agreements….”do not believe it would’ve changed the end result”

Chamber President Craig went on to tell a local news source that she wishes they had time to “consider the process or take other steps“, but that it would not have changed the end result.


(? the result was what the result was going to be?)

Craig also said that those that worked on the agreement were elected officials so they are representing the voice of the people.

The deadline set at 30 days after the referendum passed is another curtain that will never get pulled back. The IGC must have felt that it gave ALL prospective Casino operators equal and fair opportunity to have multiple meetings with the undisclosed Approving Local Unit of Government.


Terre Haute will be leading by example giving 40% control back to the Casino on how the City uses the money. This may be the first time a Casino operator gets direct control over a Local Development Agreement.

More information on the Indiana Gaming Commission and Spectacle and the Wizard behind the Curtain can be found at:


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