Vigo County School Board Still Spending…”It’s Emotional”

Vigo County School Corporation not ready to follow Dr. Haworth or Walt Disney.
From Vigo County School Corporation 2019 “State of the Schools” Presentation…it was the last slide so, just in case anyone left early

Even as Vigo County Property owners have gotten over the emotional impact of rising property tax bills, the Vigo County School Board hasn’t come to terms with trimming back the budget.

During the 1st meeting of 2020, the school board elected new officers and appointed committee members. The proposed Budget cuts were originally on the agenda for the meeting, but once again the school board said it was not ready to enact any spending cuts.

Hank Irwin was elected president, Susan Powers was elected vice president, and Jackie Lower was elected secretary. Nobody received a turkey at the meeting.

School enrollment has been on a steady decline and is projected to continue to decline beyond 2030. Eventually, if the school board chooses to wait long enough, each child could have their very OWN classroom all to themselves. While this is unlikely, anything is possible if the Board continues to struggle with it’s emotions.

In 1971 Terre Haute North and South were built and housed grades 10,11,and 12. They had around 2,000 students at each school.

Now Terre Haute North and South house grades 9,10,11 and 12 and within the next few years attendance will drop below 1,600 at each school. West Vigo will drop to very close to 500 students.

The school board spent close to $20,000 having a population and school size study done.

The School Board hasn’t disclosed exactly what part of budget trimming they still have questions about. Voters were told that the school corporation needed money to pay teachers more, hire counselors, security, and help pay for transportation. Voters were also told that $7million dollars in budget cuts and revenue enhancements needed to take place. It was a package deal. Sold to Vigo County like an insurance policy on the future.

Slide from Dr. Haworth’s 2019 Vigo County “State of the Schools” Presentation


  1. Give the school Corp time to make the right cuts. Schools do not need to close if teachers and administration would all take a pay and benefits cut. Also, the casino money will pump hundreds of dollars into the school system. They are elected officials and if they act on anything they could be held accountable. Dr. Haworth can just be ignored and fired later if the State won’t help out more.


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