Vigo County School Board Hasn’t Decided To Move On Trimming The Budget.

Vigo County School Corp. Administration presented its recommendations to the school board.
Vigo County Schools Board of School Trustees’ Considering Budget After Presentation Oct. 21st.

The last Vigo County School Board meeting of the year is scheduled for Dec. 9th 2019 at 6PM at the administration building on Wabash Ave.

At the last meeting school board members did not vote to cut spending or make changes to operations for the next school year.

Voters agreed with school superintendent Dr. Haworth in approving a tax levy giving the school corporation an additional $7 million each year. In conjunction with the property tax boost the school administration has stated that a 3 year budget reduction plan is necessary. The School Board must approve this. The Board did approve of the tax referendum the School Administration requested, but according to the Board, they are not “there yet” on moving to reduce expenses.

The Vigo County School Corporation Administration previously expressed its desire for the School Board to act upon the proposed budget cuts and revenue enhancements in time for the 2020-2021 school year. This would allow a first year, phase one, savings of $3.6 million dollars.

The details of the proposal can be seen here:

Click to access VCSC+Cut+presentation.pdf

School Board members can be reached at their email addresses below. Public input is important according to the Administration. Holiday gifts have not been requested.

Current School Board Members

Jackie Lower (President)

Joseph Irwin (Vice President)

Paul Lockhart (Secretary)

Mel Burks (Member) unspecified email

Susan Powers (Member)

Rosemarie Scott ( Member)

Joni Wise (Member)

The proposed cuts were presented to the Board on Monday Oct. 21st.

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