Off Duty Federal Officer Helps ID Wanted Bank Robber

John Bartlett, 51, Arrested on Jan. 10th for Robbery and Theft of Fifth Third Bank

John Bartlett was arrested in connection with the July 2nd 2019 robbery of the Fifth Third bank on South US 41 in Terre Haute. He is set for Trial on May 11th, 2020.

At approximately 4:30P.M. on July 2nd, this man walked into the bank and demanded money from the bank teller.

Six months had passed and no arrest had been made in the bank robbery.

Then, a highly trained eagle eyed off duty federal correctional officer happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Officer Jeff Goodwin was doing some routine banking and noticed an individual walk into the bank wearing a camo hat and sunglasses and carrying a backpack strapped to his chest. He immediately thought this was out of place because the individual was wearing the backpack on his chest. That second look was enough for Goodwin to recognize the individual from the crime stoppers pictures that he routinely reviews.

Goodwin claims he mentioned to a bank employee that he thought the individual was the same person wanted for the July robbery. The teller told him that he was in the bank frequently.

Goodwin, acting on his instincts of 27 years experience, followed the suspected bank robber out to his truck and photographed his license plate. He then turned the information in to local law enforcement.

Goodwin states this information was used to issue a search warrant which led to Bartlett’s arrest. Goodwin is not eligible for the reward money since he is in law enforcement, but states that if he were, he would donate the money to Riley’s Children’s Hospital.

Friends and co-workers of Goodwin are not surprised by his due diligence or his generosity. In addition to being a career correctional officer, Goodwin recently retired from the Indiana National Guard’s, 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, C Company, 1st Battalion, 151st Infantry Regiment. He is known by friends as “Gumpwin”, a term of endearment.

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