Indiana RED 4 ED may be Left for Dead

Indiana State Teachers Association RED for ED demanding Indiana General Assembly and Governor turn away from Republican Talking Points and fund schools.
Indiana State Teachers Association
Terre Haute News Red for ED may be Left for Dead
Indiana Teachers Blame Legislatures That Are Repeatedly Voted Into Office By Hoosiers for Problems

Indiana is like the Toyota commercials from the late 1970’s, You asked for it, You got it. Republican cuts to previously run away education spending. Poor kids, rich kids, smart kids, all kids, get the same piece of the pie under the new Republican plan. Now it seems some are trying to get a slice of cake to go along with that slice of pie. Hoosiers want school choice, vouchers, property tax caps, budget surpluses, right to work, accountability. They have voted it in over and over and over.

You asked for it You Got it!

Hoosiers…You asked for it, You got it, but it’s not Toyota. Now some are RED for ED

Tuesday Nov. 19th 2 bus loads of Vigo County Teachers Union members and 1 Bus of non union members went to Indianapolis in bright RED for ED shirts to join thousands of teachers from around the State to speak to elected officials about funding.

Indiana Teachers are demanding the following and want the Indiana General Assembly to hear them loud and clear.

Teachers want a portion of Indiana’s 400 million dollar annual budget surplus to be spent on education.

  • Increase average salary to $60K for teachers across the state
  • Less focus on standardized testing (ILEARN) Decouple it from evaluations
  • Drop the 15 hour externship requirement for teachers to renew their license
  • Stop holding schools and teachers accountable for the post-graduation status for students

Gov. Holcomb stated that Indiana has increased funding for K-12 education by $1.2 BILLION dollars since 2017 and House Speaker Bosma said that it was up to the school districts to decide if teachers would receive a portion of that.

The Vigo County School Corporation is estimated to receive an $881,417 increase in State funding for 2020 and an additional $1,373,240 on top of that for 2021.

Click to access Tuition_Support_Formula_-_HB_1001.pdf

The Local property tax hike approved by county voters on Nov. 5th will provide an additional $7,000,000 each year.

The people of Indiana have elected the Indiana House and Senate and Governor faithfully, and religiously knowing those candidates priorities on spending and education.

Since 2005 (16 years) one party has controlled the Indiana Senate and Governor’s office. Since 2011 it has been a ONE Party Trifecta controlling all 3.

Now, after years and years of Hoosiers voting for the Values they support, Jesus, babies, guns, babies, Jesus, and holding people “accountable”, the Teachers have stormed the State Capitol and demanded change. RED for ED.

Teachers, schools, parents, etc… RED for ED brought some attention to a worthy cause, however, again…

Indiana wanted it, they got it.

A famous quote wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein reads ” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Teachers may expect a different a result, but they must convince their fellow Hoosiers to stop doing the same thing over and over again.

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