Oyster Dressing The OLD FASHION WAY

Old Fashion Oyster Dressing made with "giant boogers of the sea"
The Secret Ingredient To Great Aunt’s Thanksgiving Dressing….A Giant Ocean Booger

My Great Aunt Francis called it “slop”.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas 15 or more people would pile up and invade my Great Aunt and Great Uncle’s 2 bedroom, 1100 sq/ft home for a long holiday weekend.

Two Fold out couches slept 4 each and the living and dining room floor took care of the rest. The back bedroom was the size of a closet and had a twin bed for great grandma. The kitchen table would seat 6 and the dinning room table would seat 8 with the use of metal folding chairs. Everyone else would just plop were they wanted.

I had no idea the dressing had oysters in it, until I was grown. I have since watched my Mom and Aunt make it so that I can pass this abomination on to my children. I will not tell them it has oysters in it until they start their own families.

Here you go:

  •  6 tablespoons butter(plus extra for greasing baking dish)
  •  3 stalks celery(finely chopped)
  •  1 onion(minced)
  •  ¼ cup minced fresh parsley leaves
  •  2 teaspoon dried sage
  •  2 teaspoon dried thyme
  •  1 teaspoon dried marjoram
  •  1 1/2 loafs of plain white bread dried torn into pieces
  •  4 cups chicken stock
  •  3 eggs (beaten lightly)
  •  1 teaspoon salt
  •  1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1/2 dozen oysters cut up into little bits

Melt the butter in pan and saute the celery and onion until they are tender and onions are good and stinky. Throw all the herbs in and saute another couple of minutes.

Dump the bread in a roaster pan that you have greased the hell out of. Pour the butter and celery and onions all over it. Give it a good mix. Pour on some chicken stock to get everything good an wet. Dump in the oysters and eggs and get to mixing again. Hands work best to mix that slop pot up. You should not be able to recognize it as a bread product any longer. Add more chicken stock so that its about as soupy as cheap pudding.

Bake Covered at 350 for 30 mins. Then uncovered for another 20-25 until it looks crusty on top and a fork comes out clean when you poke down through it.

You can thank me later or throw it out for the raccoons.

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