Vigo County Property Taxes Are Going UP.

Vigo County Schools get YES vote

Residents of Vigo County voted on Tues. Nov. 5th to add an additional tax rate of $0.1622 to their property taxes to pay for teacher raises($3million), bus transportation($1million), and to keep the school resource officers that the school corporation hired($1.4 million) and the school nurses and counselors that have been added($1.15million)

The Vigo County School Administration has outlined a 3 phase budget reduction and revenue enhancement plan to get the school system on better financial ground.  The Vigo County School Board has to approve the plans budget cuts.  At a meeting Mon. Nov. 4th the School Board only approved more spending. 

The School Board President Jackie Lower told Dr. Haworth they would not vote to approve the spending cuts right now because they “just were not their yet”.

The School Administration has said that the PHASE 1 first year savings will be an estimated $3,765,000.  The School Board must vote to approve the spending cuts as outlined in the school corporations plan.

Click to access VCSC+Cut+presentation.pdf

In May 2021 the School Corporation will put forth another referendum to residents to raise the money to repair or replace the high schools.  This Tax increase is expected to be an additional rate of $.3781. The combined total would cost home owners $43/month on a 200k house.

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