Vigo County School Corporation Gives an Extra $1.1 Million Dollar Raise to Teachers.

Vigo County Teachers Get Back Pay on 2020 Raises. School Corporation finds Extra Money and decides to Spend it Down

VCSC Teachers will get another pay bump. Teachers received a 5% pay increase on Jan. 1st, 2020. Now, the school corporation is going to retroactive that pay increase to the beginning of the school year.

The Median Salary for a Teacher in Vigo County prior to the pay raise was $52,097. The retroactive bump will add another $1,322 once approved by the School Board.

Voters in Vigo County approved a property Tax hike last Nov. 2019 to pay for the pay raise and an increase in starting pay for teachers in Vigo County.

The School Corporation discovered that it had $16.2 million dollars cash balance at the end of 2019 and wants to spend some of it.

School Superintendent Dr. Robert Haworth spent also reportedly told the school board not to vote on the spending cuts at the last school board meeting. Dr. Haworth wanted to spend down some of this excess cash on hand before asking the board to make cuts.

Image result for dr robert haworth vcsc
Dr. Robert Haworth, VCSC Superintendent

Dr. Haworth still feels that $4 million dollars should be trimmed from the budget due to the enrollment numbers continuing to plummet.

School Corporation Officials blame the lack of funding on the State for attaching funding dollars to enrollment numbers.

The Vigo County School Corporation plans to ask county Voters for an additional property tax hike in May 2021 to fund the building of new schools. The anticipated amount of that increase is expected to an additional rate of $.3781, which combined would amount to $43 a month more in property taxes on a $200K home.

Local Education Leaders also anticipate next years State Legislature to add an additional $65 million to State Education dollars for pay increases. Teachers have also lobbied to get standardized test removed from their evaluations. They will no longer be a factor.

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