DUKE WINS AGAIN! Terre Haute Mayor gets 4 More Years of “Making People Happy..”

photo by Taylor Haggerty Indiana Public Media
Duke Bennett Wins Again!

The results are in and Duke Bennett wins a 4th term as mayor of Terre Haute. 

The race was split between 4 candidates and Bennett managed to pull in more than 200 votes over his closest competitor, Pat Goodwin.

With the help of the Police and Fire Unions, Bennett ran a strong campaign on public safety in the final days of the election.

The surplus of revenue coming into the city from tax hikes, fees, and the increased property assessments allowed all city and county employees a 4% raise across the board. 

Vigo County Residents approved a referendum to allow a Casino to built in Vigo County. 

Voters also approved a property tax hike to pay for a teacher raise, and to keep school nurses and security officers in place.

Everyone on the city council kept their jobs.

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