Vigo County Raised the County Income Tax One Year Ago, by mistake.

Vigo County accidently raised income tax a year ago

The increase in Vigo County income tax was originally planned to go in effect Jan. 1st of 2019.

County Leaders did not know that Indiana Law would require the tax increase to go in effect on Oct. 1 2018 because the ordinance was adopted in August.

This oversight by county officials allowed for and additional 3 months of unplanned income tax increase.

The State controls how this is done and the county council had no control over the matter. The council could have waited to pass the ordinance in September which would have made the income tax increase go into effect on Jan. 1st.

The Vigo County income tax increase rose from 1.25% to 2.0%. This added revenue is to fund the new Vigo County Security Complex, hire additional security staff, and a portion of it (.10%) will go to 911 operations.

County Commissioners hope to begin construction of the new jail as early as December 2019 when bonds for the project will be sold.

Construction bids totaled $56.278 million dollars. Legal fees and design fees are expected to bring the total to $ 66.50 million dollars.

The new jail will be built on property purchased west of Honey Creek Mall on the site of what was originally the Fore Seasons Golf Complex that opened in 2007 by Chandra Reddy.

According to a report in the local paper. Vigo County is now one of the highest taxed counties in Indiana.

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