Scheid Diesel takes its $3.1 million dollar Extravaganza and blows smoke heading to Lyons, IN

Diesel fans drive business to Lyons, IN

Since 2000 The Scheid Diesel Extravaganza has been held at the Vigo County Fairgrounds.

A fininacial impact study done several years ago estimated that the event brought in over $3 million dollars to the local economy.

The past several years more media emphasis has been placed on the negative impacts the event brought to the area.

Daily television and newspaper reports containing the number of speeding tickets, improper starts, lane changes, excessive exhaust, and drinking related arrest highlighted the coverage given the event.

Organizers have decided to listen to fans of the event and move to a location out of the city. 

Some patrons of the event feel Terre Haute has become less than welcoming to them.

Hotels rooms had historically been sold out the weekend of the event. Local restaurants would also see a significant increase in business.

The 2020 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza will be held at Wagler Motorsports Park in Lyons, IN on Aug, 28-29th.

Scheid Diesel Service Co. was started in Terre Haute, IN in 1982 and has grown to 3 locations including Effingham, IL and Lafayette, IN.

Diesel fans from across the country attend the annual event and for more information you can visit.

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