Terre Haute is Less than 90 days away from a potential crime wave.

Terre Haute and Indiana may REAP a windfall as some small county prosecutors plan to pad budget with weed busts

Starting on Jan. 1st of 2020 Recreational Marijuana will be available closer to Terre Haute than ever before. Just across the State line in Illinois Legal Marijuana Sales are due to begin with the New Year.

Illinois joins Michigan in opening up the sale of pot to both medical and recreation users. Indiana remains illegal for any type of marijuana selling, using, or possessing.

Several estimates based on other states first year of Marijuana Sales indicate Illinois could see $1,616.20 million in recreational pot sales.

Illinois State Marijuana Excise Tax is (Proposed) 26.25%

Illinois Sales Tax: State Share 5.00%

Illinois Sales Tax: Local Share 1.25%

This would generate the following estimate:

Total State Taxes Collected $505.06 million

Total Local Taxes Collected $20.20 million

Local units of government will establish their own local tax rate for marijuana sold within that city or municipalitie.

The Cities of Marshall and Paris Illinois can choose to allow marijuana to be sold there and apply any additional sales tax that they determine. Terre Haute residents should remain aware of the law and consume anything purchased before travelling back home.

Recently the Largest County in Indiana, Marion, announced it’s prosecutors office would not prosecute possession of less than 3oz of the weed.

However, this means that the windfall of traffic stops made in Terre Haute on people traveling across the State Line to purchase marijuana could result in a huge cash cow for the local prosecutor.

Terre Haute residents and those traveling from the Indy area will be subject to the full force of the Vigo County Prosecutors Office, Terry Modesitt. Travelling across state lines with several ounces of weed could be a level 6 felony when convicted.

Terry Modesitt is the Vigo County Prosecutor. He works part time as prosecutor and runs his own personal lawfirm.

While the jail may be overcrowded now, a new mega jail will start construction possibly as early a Dec. of this year. The extra cell spacing will give Modesitt the space to fully prosecute marijuana bust and maximize the fines and penalties on anyone crossing back into Hoosier or Hautian territory. Modesitt does not believe relaxed enforcement of marijuana laws is the right move.

Some critics have argued that the jail overcrowding began with Modesitt’s tenure as Vigo County Prosecutor working part time while maintaining his lawfirm. They say that delays by the prosecutor’s office contributed to a back log of inmates awaiting trial. No single data source could concern this.

As income and property taxes continue to rise in Terre Haute, the smaller communities just west across the state line may see an influx of Hoosiers deciding to move to the Land of Lincoln for a growing number of reasons. The latest addition to that list being the legalization of weed.

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