Terre Haute and Live PD could Start Anytime now that the Board has Approved It

The Terre Haute Police Dept and Live PD have a deal…tune in on Friday’s and Saturday’s to A&E from 9pm-12am.

Board of Public Work approves Terre Haute Police to sign contract with LIVE PD

On Thurs. Oct. 17th the Board of Public Works approved a contract for LIVE PD to film with the Terre Haute Police Department.

Board members, appointed by the Mayor, have approved filming to begin at anytime. A list of board members and the meeting minutes are not available on the City of Terre Haute website.

Unlike the City website, which lacks information, usability, transparency, or functioning purpose, the contract with LIVE PD will offer viewers all of those things as the entire country gets to take a ride along with Terre Haute police.

THPD has some highly trained, motivated staff and the added transparency and attention that the TV show LIVE PD brings may be an excellent tool for everyone in this area.

The Chief of police wisely stated in public comments that this exposure may help attract more qualified candidates to the Terre Haute Police Department.

The show may inspire more of our best and brightest candidates in law enforcement to stay in the Terre Haute area. It may also reestablish the communities respect and understanding that the police are a vital part of ensuring the public safety.

An officer never knows the danger of a situation often until it is too late. When a community takes some steps, that over the past generation have been forgotten, and are no longer taught by parents and schools, then improved public relations can transpire within that community very quickly. Officer’s feel safer and the people they serve report a more positive experience.

The following list has examples of things that helps to ensure the safety of everyone.

  • IF the police are behind you and turn on the flashing lights, pull to the side of the road and stop. Do not get out of the car. Do not take your hands off the steering wheel except to turn on the overhead dome light. Wait until instructed to look in the glove compartment or console for a license or title. Again, just keep your hands up on the steering wheel. Everything else can wait. Why would you be reaching for things when you are supposed to just keep your hands on the steering wheel? You wouldn’t be unless it was to do something potentially harmful or illegal. Don’t do it. Hands stay on the steering wheel.
  • Listen more than you talk. Listen to directions. You may not like it, but you must follow directions. Do as you are instructed. This is not the time to argue, resist, or anything else. This is the time to follow instructions.
  • If you do not like the outcome of a given situation, have your day in court. That is where you can air your grievances, feelings of non justice, or whatever.
  • A police officer has authority. During the time you are interacting with an officer, YOU are not in charge, entitled, giving orders, doing your own thing, or eating a Whopper. You will not “Have it Your Way”

Some may read those things and think that they shouldn’t have to do any of that. Well, maybe you don’t Have To, but if you follow those simple steps even the worst day would certainly never end up being your last day.

The Terre Haute Police Department has a new contract with LIVE PD. This will feature Terre Haute police, Terre Haute residents, and be a reflection of the Terre Haute community that close to 4 million people a week outside of Terre Haute may get to see.

Everyone will hope the episodes are safe, the THPD shines, and the citizens of Terre Haute have some fun watching on TV.

Compensation to the City will be based on the amount of air time that is used featuring the local police. $2500 per episode

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