It’s a New Day in Terre Haute- Vigo County…

The See You In Terre Haute 2025 Community Plan

The See You In Terre Haute 2025 Community Plan is available to view on the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce website.

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and it’s board have taken on a leadership role in advancing a community plan.

This plan included a survey of over 1,000 residents of the Terre Haute-Vigo County area.

Background data was also used to help form a strategic plan.

The Terre Haute – Vigo County See You In Terre Haute 2025 Community Plan aligns the public and private sectors in order to address the hardships of the community through resource alignment, new programs and strategic funding sources, all while advancing Terre Haute – Vigo County’s growth opportunities around tourism and business development

The median household income for the City of Terre Haute is $34,746, however, over 75% of the respondents to the survey used to help formulate the plan had a household income of over $50,000.

The plan defines “Community Pillars” and actions to be taken to halt the rapid decline in Terre Haute’s population and the decreasing per capita personal income.

Over 19% of Terre Haute residents live in poverty.

The See You In Terre Haute 2025 plan reads as a kind of wish list of things that might make Terre Haute a more attractive place live or locate a business.

Several parts of the plan call for enhancements and continued emphasis on Downtown Terre Haute as the Center of all things in the community.

Some interesting points in the See You In Terre Haute 2025 plan are:

  • Recognizing that fresh food and grocery items need to be more easily accessible to more residents in the City. The utilization of farmers markets and more centrally located grocery stores could positively impact health factors, reduce the most at risk residents dependence on gas station and other convenience store food options.
  • Develop and utilize the riverfront property for tourism and recreation purposes and away from the Industrial usage it has been in the past.
  • Plan a water attraction, riverwalk development.
  • Tourism is mentioned as another Pillar of the Plan with an emphasis on the Downtown area being more effectively utilized, and inviting to tourist. (both visually and personally inviting to a diverse audience) Beautification of the I70 exit corridors and establishing a cohesive development pattern moving forward to include building styles, signage, and lighting that is visually appealing. Encouraging all the “front door” access to the city to clean up, and project a more unified image. Moving away from the haphazard anything goes for the right price construction and zoning plans in place.
  • Addressing City blight

The plan has many components that are interwoven to work towards the common goal of stopping the death and decay of the city. Terre Haute has a small window of opportunity to reverse course. The pillars of the plan are smart, goal oriented and obtainable, but Terre Haute will probably need an unforeseeable lifeline to revive it.

Disposable income for most Terre Haute- Vigo County residents continues to plummet, and with it so does the population. 

When city residents struggle to keep the electricity on, planting flowers or adding a fresh coat of paint quickly moves off the “to do list”.

See You In Terre Haute 2025

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