Terre Haute and Vigo County Share something other than crumbling roads and HIGH taxes.

untitledWabashiki photo by IN DNR Not part of THparks dept.

The Terre Haute City parks and the Vigo County Parks share a bond. Excellence in providing area residents with a great place to go as Spring Fever takes hold and the urge to get back outside rises.

Spring like weather brings hope that the potholes large enough for ducks to swim in may slowly start to get patched in.  The orange barrels and maze like commute across town from road construction signal warmer temperatures must be here.

Terre Haute has an abundance of community and neighborhood parks.  The larger community parks offering enough room to walk or hike without leaving the city limits.

The “block” parks are close to residents for a quick trip to the playground, basketball court, or walking the dog.

The Vigo County Parks Department has some real gems.


Fowler Park is one example.  Located just 7 miles south of Terre Haute on Oregon Church Rd.  Fowler Park has one of area’s only swim beaches open to the public.  In 2018 new beach sand was poured and restrooms renovated.  The park also has a pioneer village that operates in October.  Campsites line the lakeshore and it’s only a 10 minute drive from town.

The City of Terre Haute has a 2019 budget for Parks and Recreation of $3.8million.

The County budget for Parks in 2019 $1.4million.

Friends, family, visitors alike might consider time outside in one of the local parks as the temperature warms up.  

Vigo County Commissioners and Mayor Duke Bennet  recently asked the Vigo County Solid Waste Management Board for funding to install hidden cameras throughout Vigo County and Terre Haute to catch and fine people dumping trash illegally.

No mention was made of funding a single dumpster, centrally located somewhere in Terre Haute for people who cannot afford to pay to haul something to the landfill. 

City and County residents often resort to dumping oversized items and household trash when contracted trash removal services fail to pick up items, or when financial hardship strikes county residents who do not pay the waste removal tax on their water bill.

Enjoy the Park and please keep them clean.  Trailcam will be watching and TerreHauteNews will too.






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