Convicted Felon To Run for Terre Haute City Council


Ryan Carter a Terre Haute resident was able to get his 1996 Felony conviction for theft expunged from his record.

Carter is running for a Terre Haute City Council at Large position, but candidates with a felony conviction are not permitted.

The Primary is May 7th and the democrat primary voters will vote for 3 from the list of candidates:

George J Azar

Ryan Carter

Curtis A DeBaun IV

Don W. Morris

Tammy Boland

Jase Paul Allsup

George A Reedy

The top 3 candidates will compete with one Republican challenger

Steven B. Neice

Vigo County Clerk Brad Newman was quoted as saying “You can’t have a felony conviction and be a candidate in the State of Indiana”, but that Carter put his felony on the application.

Newman went on to say that the Clerk’s office didn’t have the authority or resources to do anything about it and that since it happened in Marion County, officials were not aware.

Ryan Carter did put his felony on the application to run for city council.




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