Police issue staggering number of tickets as drivers endanger the lives of children

Reckless and Dangerous Drivers Risks lives of innocent children


A local story about a dangerous school crossing on Margaret Ave. in front of Fuqua Elementary School has some local residents seeing RED. 

Terre Haute News went out to investigate a recent report of drivers running the flashing light at the school crossing on Margaret that has had local law enforcement writing tickets at a rate of 6 in less than 45minutes.

Local parents and officials are outraged that monsters  drive around this city and  just don’t pay attention or don’t care.  Running red lights in school zones.  Showing no concern for the precious lives of children just trying to get to school.  Local government and city planners have done everything possible to protect the youth of this great city.

The flashing light in question sits directly in the face of sun for east bound drivers at this time year and is not a full size traffic signal, but a single light that only operates prior to the start of school and after dismissal.

Terre Haute News noticed that while traveling eastbound this light was unnoticeable against the backdrop of the sun.  

So if you are traveling on Margaret Avenue and you don’t see RED, because of the bright yellow SUN, it’s probably going to cost you some big Green when you pay the ticket. 
















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