Vigo County Commissioner Kearns plans to address blight and housing issues in Vigo County.

Vigo County Commissioner Kearns is seeking a second term and says he wants to continue the efforts he has started.

Commissioner Kearns has been the co-chair of the Wabash Valley Homeless Coalition, trying to help find solutions to the homeless issues in the area.

Kearns plans to support initiatives to get builders to invest in more “starter homes” and “affordable housing” communities, and housing options for young professionals.

Kearns also wants to give some tax incentives for people who purchase blighted homes and fix them up for their “own personal homestead”.

Commissioner Kearns served on the Vigo County Council before being Commissioner.

Kearns has a challenger for the District 1 Commissioner, Mark Clinkenbeard. Clinkenbeard owns a residential construction business that builds high dollar homes and condos. Clinkenbeard stated his goal is to sell out community and the potential

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