Vigo County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt Ready to Enforce Indiana’s Total Abortion Ban When Passed by Legislature.

Vigo County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt has stated previously, “I take an oath to uphold the laws in the State of Indiana. I realize that it’s up to the legislature to decide what the laws are going to be. It’s my job to enforce them and to protect the public”

In July the Indiana Legislature will meet for a special season to enact abortion bans for the State of Indiana.

Some of the talked about proposals among a few Republicans include:

  • Banning the use of IUD’s, Plan B, or other “contraceptives” that would prevent a fertilized egg from implanting.
  • Banning the travel to another state by Indiana Residents seeking abortion.
  • Ban IVF procedures that result in unused fertilized embryos.
  • Ban on all abortions from moment an egg is fertilized without exceptions.

The Republican supermajority in the legislature is expected to pass some sort of abortion ban during the session. Insiders within the Republican party have stated IF there are any exceptions to that ban, they would be very few.

Indiana Democrats are hopeful that exceptions may be made in a case where the mothers life is in jeopardy. Cases of Rape or Incest ,they fear, will not be excluded from the ban.

Republican lawmakers are spending the July 4th break praying with their constituents on this opportunity to help Hoosiers protect all life in Indiana.

A tax refund may also be debated as a possible offset to the additional $.06/per gallon tax hike effective July 1st.

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