Where Is Dr. Swaim when Parke County and Clinton Indiana Need Him.

Back in March the Parke County, IN health officer purchased a full page ad to outline his personal, expert opinion based on 15 FACTS on why the stay at home order and social distancing needed to end immediately.

If more people would have listened to the wise old Dr. we undoubtedly would be looking at a different scenario now than the current one.

Dr. John Franklin Swaim, MD - Rockville, IN
In March Dr. Swaim said “Social Distancing should end immediately…open everything up…get everyone back out to keep the economy going”

Dr. Swaim specializes in Geriatrics, so if mom or grandma has a slight cough or fever he would be highly qualified to care for them.







Jack Kevorkian dead at 83 WITH SLIDESHOW | Sports | dailytribune.com
Dr. Kevorkian 1928-2011

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