Sister Barbara Battista, Justice Promoter for the Sisters of Providence Piously Bangs HER Gong atop stolen property!!! Demands end to Death Penalty.

The saying goes “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” and “Birds of Feather Flock Together”


On Thursday November, 19th 2020 Orlando Hall was executed after being found guilty and sentenced to death in Oct. 1995 for his rape, torture, and live burial of teenage girl.


Sister Barbara Battista, the Justice Promoter for the Sister of Providence, a Catholic Organization of Women in Indiana, has once again called attention mostly to herself, but also to the death penalty and the theft of milk crates.

US government executes man convicted of killing teenager in 1994 -


Part of Sister Battista’s call for Justice is to end the death penalty.


Battista perhaps hopes that by using Stolen milk crates from the dairy producers of Prairie Farms and banging her gong, she will change the minds of victims families that have been traumatized by the most unimaginable crimes.



Sister Battista, the pious nun from St. Mary of the Wood’s, banging her bell atop the contraband tower of stolen property will surely set a fine example for the future generation of Orlando Hall’s that she will go bang her Gong for.


The Justice Promoter maybe should promote some Dairy Producer’s Justice as well…Hiland Dairy/ Prairie Farms are moo-ving into a far left agenda that might have some consumers Sour to the Cream.


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