Last Call for the Landing, Ohio Building, Shrine, and other event planners…

Opinion submitted by Friends of Daseke and Bischoff

Terre Haute was so lucky to get rid of this historic piece of crap, now the chickens can finally start to roost.

Construction is full speed ahead on the Terre Haute Convention Center.

The geebs are flowing.

8th streeet is closed.

The Landing at Fort Harrison, the Ohio Building, Shrine can all start filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. They won’t have a Larry Bird Museum (Boston Connection Leftovers) and the full throat support of the political elite of Vigo County.

Once the china flu goes away with the warm….or cold…er…whenever, the tax subsidized Convention Center will be the Event Destination for all your class reunion, wedding reception, and private party venues.

And, when you get too drunk to drive the Hilton Garden Inn and Candlewood will tuck you for a very reasonable price.

Downtown Terre Haute is going to be THE destination getaway in 2022.

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