Indiana keeps lowering the death Surge….with a reporting trick

ISDH Reporting has flattened the Curve. Makes a Liar out of Holcomb, sort of….

Tuesday, April 7th Indiana Governor Holcomb stated” We just reported on 34 fatalities today,” Holcomb said during Tuesday’s briefing from the governor’s office. “Make a list of your 34 best friends, and then imagine putting a line through them. That’s how serious this is.”

The Indiana State Department of Health Website, however, has continually readjusted these numbers so that now on April 7th the reported death toll is 10.

Why is this?

Well, it’s all in the math. In order to flatten a curve, some of those reported deaths need to be back dated to previous days of the week.

For example.

On 4/8 the total report deaths from Covid-19 in Indiana is 245, but the ISDH reports that it is only an increase of 3 from yesterdays total of 242.

However, on 4/7 the total reported deaths from Covid-19 in Indiana was 203, but has now been adjusted to 242. And so on and so forth. Thus, effectively “flattening the curve”

Tomorrows total will jump up from 245, but the 245 number will no longer be the total for 4/8. They will be spread out back through the course of the Pandemic.

This is neither a good thing or a bad thing, it is just a fact in the way Indiana reports the loss of life due to Covid-19. Flatten the Curve

Update: Indiana’s Covid-19 death toll surged by 55 on Thursday 4/9. The total is now 300. However, as TerreHauteNews anticipated the total for 4/8 has been changed to 293, so officially only 7 people died of Covid 19, keeping the curve flat on ISDH website.

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