Vigo County School Corporation plans to continue every other day schedule until at least Sept. 25th.

The Vigo County School Corporation on Weds. 9/2/20 announced that the A/B schedule for continue for another 3 weeks.

Vigo County School Covid 19 numbers drop…plan continues

The A/B schedule has half the student population attend in person classes on one day while the other half “B” stays home for online learning. The following day the two groups switch and “A” stay home and “B” goes to school for in person learning.

The 50% reduction in school population allows for students to be spread out in the classrooms, cafeteria, and hallways.

Vigo County Schools are reporting a decline in student quarantines, but an uptick in staff quarantines.

Staff of course are eligible for the 80 hours of paid time off under the Families First Coronavirus Act. This sick time must be used before the end of the year and doesn’t count against a staff members accrued sick leave.

The School Corporation will continue to evaluate the Covid 19 situation locally and will make another decision on the school schedule by Sept. 25th.

Sports are not impacted by the schedule.

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