Indiana Stay At Home Order Gets a 2 Week Extension. Next Target Date: April 20 11:59PM

Indiana to Remain Shut Down until April 20th.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued the much anticipated extension to the Stay at Home Order for the State of Indiana on Monday, April 6th.

Businesses, non-profits, and government organizations across the state prepared over the past weekend for the mandatory Stay at Home order to expire at 11:59PM Monday April 6th, Holcomb made his announcement Monday to extend the order.

Officials have known for some time that the peak of Covid-19 Pandemic was still several weeks away. The Indiana Governor did not want to announce a continuation of the Stay at home order until the last minute possible.

Gov. Holcomb’s Executive Order for Indiana Residents to Stay at Home

The details of the continued Executive Order include:

Allowable exceptions to the Stay at home order:

Performing tasks essential to the health and safety of your family or persons unable to leave their home (including pets)

To obtain necessary services or supplies for self or others who are unable or should not leave home. This includes groceries, food, consumer products, supplies needed for home office or education, automobile supplies (including dealers, parts, supplies, repair) and to obtain products to maintain safety, sanitation or essential operation of home.

Business that are deemed essential include:

All first responders, law enforcement, dispatchers, legislators, judges, court personnel, jurors, corrections personnel, CPS, military, government employees working for or to support Essential Business.

Grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies, auto sales, auto supply, auto repair, farm equipment, construction, home improvement stores, hardware stores, gun and ammunition stores, food and beverage manufacturing, charities, non profits, financial institutions, pawnshops, payday lenders, insurance companies and agents/brokers, electricians, plumbers, janitors, security staff, HVAC, painters, movers, exterminators, shipping and delivery services, laundry services including laundromats, dry cleaners, restaurants for off site dining only, hotels, motels, funeral homes, and anyone needed to maintain minimum basic operations for a business to preserve its physical location, maintain payroll, equipment or security, employee benefits.

Everyone Else Needs to Stay Home by Order of the Governor Indiana.

Indiana is still projected to see its apex of Covid-19 Deaths on April 16-17. Terre Haute may not see its apex until later in April.

Social distancing is believed to be having a positive impact on the numbers of serious infections. Individuals still working in essential jobs are trying to maintaining distance from vulnerable citizens knowing they may be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus.

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