CDC is Now saying Everyone should wear a facemask.

CDC Reversal on Mask. Now recommends Everyone wear one after 3 months of telling public it was a bad idea

The CDC, the surgeon general, and the Department of Health and Human Services today announced that they were wrong to insist for the past 3 months that the public not wear a face mask.

Starting today, everyone is being encouraged to wear a face mask or face cover whenever in public.

Exactly opposite of what they had been insisting for months that the public do to help stop the spread of Covid 19.

The CDC and HHS had been emploring people to not wear a face covering, warning that wearing one would be a terrible idea and would contribute to the spread.

While images from China and Europe flooded the US airways showing populations wearing masks, scarves, and face coverings, US officials continued to to insist that it was a bad policy.

Federal workers were even strictly prohibited from wearing any type of PPE due to the Government’s insistence that such measures were contradictory to controlling the spread of the virus.

Now that the virus has saturated every community, a reversal of this policy is a welcome relief for many that had been prohibited from wearing a mask of any type.

Federal, state, and local essential workers that had employers insist on following CDC guidelines have finally admitted that they have been actively contributing to the spread of a life threatening illness.

The New Guidelines will permit employees that had been previously banned from wearing a face mask to wear one if they choose.

Employers that continue to prohibit them will be in direct contradiction of CDC guidelines and a potential for a lawsuit until antibody testing becomes available.

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