Terre Haute Fire Chief to Run for County Commissioner.

Terre Haute Fire Chief To Run For Commissioner Vigo County
THFD Chief Announces Bid For Vigo County Commissioner

Fisher announced on Thurs. Nov. 5th that he is running for County Commissioner of Vigo County.

Terre Haute Fire Chief Jeff Fisher has been the Chief since 2008. Fisher joined the Terre Haute Fire Department in 1989.

Fisher hopes to make the Vigo County industrial park and public safety a priority. Fisher has been at the forefront for years fighting for increase pay, benefits, overtime, training and staffing of Terre Haute Fire Fighters.


Fisher has also been the city’s face and voice to the United Way for several years.

The Vigo County Commissioner seat Fisher has announced he is running for is currently held by County Commissioner Brad Anderson. Anderson has been a Commissioner since 2012 and was previously a County Council member from 1995-2012.

Terre Haute Fire Chief Jeff Fisher said he wants to bring the City and County Government together for the betterment of the community. The Vigo County Commissioner is the Highest Ranking Elected County Official. There are 3 of them elected on a staggered basis.

The Terre Haute Fire Department does receive some federal grant money, but HATCH ACT violations are not a concern for Fisher or other city/county employees.


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