Terre Haute’s Convention Center

Terre Haute Considering Buying Vigo County School Corporation Building To Tear It Down and Make A Parking Lot For Hilton.
When The Convention Center Is Built Terre Haute Will Finally Be Able To Sit In High Cotton

Tracing Terre Haute’s Convention Center’s Money Tentacles reminds several Vigo County Residents of a scene from Stranger Things.

Terre Haute…You Are The Proud Owners Of The Terre Haute Convention and Mind Flayer Center

The public/private collaboration on the Terre Haute Convention Center has become a difficult entity to understand. Tax dollars are being used to build the Convention Center and parking garage. This is under the purvey of the Vigo County Capital Improvement Board. The City of Terre Haute pledged $10 million dollars, Vigo County pledged $10 million dollars, the Capital Improvement Board will bond $25 million and pay it through the food and beverage tax on all Vigo County food and beverages sold. The Chamber of Commerce also pledged $5 million dollars.

The Taxpayer funded Convention Center will have the biggest direct benefit to the two hotels that are attached to the convention center. The Hilton Garden Inn and the Marriott Courtyard. Each hotel will have reserved parking for the convention center, covered walkways, drinking and dining choices provided by Hilton and Marriott. Trickle down economic growth is expected at several local gas stations as well.

Chief Hopper…From Stranger Things Helped Unravel the Mystery and Evil In The Netflix Series.

The Convention Center is expected to have a capacity of approximately 900 people.

The connected Hilton and Marriott along with the Candlwood Suites that is across the street will be able to provide enough rooms that any convention booked in Terre Haute will not need to try and find accommodations outside the downtown area.

The 3 downtown Hotels received TIF’s, similar to tax abatement, but better. READ to FIND OUT WHY

A portion of the Convention Center Property was donated for the benefit of Terre Haute.


The Copper Bar and Terminal Bar next door have been left intact and the convention center will be built around them to allow those business to reap the benefits of any late night conventioneers who wish to venture out.

Auto court added for Marriott, removing a pedestrian plaza because the Marriott wants it. This will reduce green space for convention visitors but was necessary to facilitate Marriott wishes.


The latest news is the Terre Haute Department of Redevelopment has said it is interested in buying the School Corporation Building to make it a parking lot for the Hilton Hotel.

The Terre Haute Department of Redevelopment is in charge of removing blight and improving housing opportunities. Tentacles grow…


This would save the City several million dollars.

The City of Terre Haute would buy the Vigo County School Corporation Building located downtown and demolishes it and pave it into a parking lot and give it to Hilton Garden Inn. This will save the City “several million dollars”. When the Capital Improvement Board moved ahead with it’s plans to build the Convention Center, it bought the parking lot belonging to the Hilton. Taxpayers now owe the Hilton a Parking Garage. Another benefit of buying the School Administration Building and making it a parking lot would ensure no other competing interest could locate there.


Terre Haute may be in the Upside Down

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