Terre Haute City Council Powerless to Stop LIVE PD

LIVE PD Terre Haute continues to highlight what Terre Haute has to offer.  Breakout Star Officer Gant winning fans with snark.
Terre Haute LIVE PD starring Johnson and Gant
Terre Haute LIVE PD may have the City Council cuffed.  No authority to make changes.
9 New Felony Charges on Hughley Terre Haute LIVE PD

LIVE PD has taken America for a ride along with the Terre Haute Police Department for the past 3 weekends.

LIVE PD featuring the Terre Haute PD airs Friday and Saturday from 9PM to Midnight on Terre Haute Channels:

  • Spectrum/Time Warner 18 and 756
  • DirectTV 265
  • DishNetwork 118
  • NuWave 39 and 224

The Highlights have been, a man getting his wife’s van impounded for what appeared on TV to be residue of Marijuana in a pipe. When he explained it was their only form of transportation to work, another at risk couple was added to the unemployment lines.

A large campfire in the yard of a Terre Haute resident resulted in a good belly laugh at the woman’s cat population and an offer for a THPD officer to take one of 4 kittens home.

A violent felon was apprehended for his possible 8th felony arrest. The latest arrest included possession of a firearm, drugs, and synthetic drugs. This felon was supposed to be in prison but his last case of criminal confinement with serious bodily injury, intimidation with weapon, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, the witness was never heard from again according to court records. Case was dismissed.

Several bicycle chases through town, for not having lights on the bikes.

A high speed, automobile chase through Meadows Shopping Center and down Wabash Ave. for no taillights resulted in a cliffhanger with K9 units and an armada of police trying to catch the driver. He got away.

A homeless family camping in the back yard of their children provided Officer Gant an opportunity to interject his well known wit and sarcasm, the highlight of every episode he’s featured in.

Terre Haute has enjoyed its time on prime time crime TV, but the City Council may seek to ask the Mayor very nicely to reconsider. All contracts with the City are Approved by the Board of Public Works so City Council members have no say in the matter. The City Council could go so far as to try and pass a resolution formally opposing the contract, but this is unlikely and would create a hostile environment that would have weak, nervous council members shaking like a dog trying to pass a peach pit.

A search of the City of Terre Haute Government Website did not reveal Board of Public Works members or meeting minutes. However a meeting agenda for May was located. According to the website, this Board has not had a meeting since May. This information is believed to be correct due to the Mayor’s numerous proclamations that Terre Haute’s City Government is the most transparent of any city its size and it could not be more transparent.

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