Vigo County Council Meeting Is Tues. Nov. 12th. Game of Thrones meets Hunger Games…Vigo Style

Vigo County Council Members Hold Next Meeting Nov. 12th at 6PM

It’s Like Game Of Thrones Meets The Hunger Games…local politics in action

A Vigo County Council meeting is scheduled to held at 6PM Tues. Nov. 12th at 127 Oak St. Terre Haute.

Oak St. is across from Fairbanks park on 1st street.

The Meeting will be held in the Vigo County Government Building.

The public is invited to come witness how Vigo County government functions.

An agenda for Tues. meeting was not readily available, but it should be action packed and full of tax spending surprises for the whole county. Come out and support your favorite council member as they do battle with county tax dollars.

Jim Mann Council At Large
Aaron Loudermilk President/Council at Large

Lisa Spence-Bunnett Council at Large;id=1135

Mike Morris Council 4th District;id=810

Chris Switzer Council District 2;id=1134

David Thompson Council District 1;id=1133

Vicki Weger Council District 3;id=1013

The Vigo County Council encourages all citizens to engage and support your DISTRICT and the County.

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