Mayor Bennett and City Council excited about Terre Haute’s 2020 Budget.

Terre Haute City Council votes on $96.5 million dollar budget for the City of Terre Haute.

On Thursday Oct. 3rd, the council members came together and voted to pass a budget with $3 million dollars in spending increases for 2020.

The 2020 City Budget will include a 4% raise for city employees and a reduction in health care cost. This will be the second consecutive year city employees have received a pay bump.

Mayor Bennett has received the endorsement of both the firefighters union local and the police officers union local.

Mayor Bennett is excited to fund more Code Enforcement officers and a Lafayette Ave. project.

Council member Nation did not vote for the budget, apparently wanting to table it for a later date.

Terre Haute will have a balanced budget and will put several million dollars into a “rainy day fund”

Terre Haute also plans to continue to contribute its share to the Terre Haute Convention Center and Gibson Hotel Complex.

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