Terre Haute Convention Center Hotel parking garage takes lion share of Covid money.

Convention Center Hotel

The money is a part of the $500 million dollars of federal Covid-19 relief money sent to Indiana and put aside by Indiana Gov. Holcomb.

The Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) funds were placed up for bid by Regional Development Authorities in Indiana to help build Indiana’s economy and improve the quality of life for all Hoosier.

The Covid-19 relief money will help offset the building expense of a parking garage for the Gibson backed Convention Center Hotels being built at the corner of 7th and Wabash. (Formerly the Vigo County School Corp. Administration building)

Mayor Duke Bennett claims the garage money was necessary in order for investor Greg Gibson to build a parking garage for his hotels so the Convention Center can draw larger crowds.


The 1% food and beverage tax helps subsidize the convention center ensuring its success.

The residents of Vigo County have been paying the extra 1% tax on all food and drinks sold in the county since 2018.

As the price of food and drinks in local restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc. climb due to inflation the extra 1% tax will continue to funnel ever growing sums of money into the Convention coffers.

A total of $20 million dollars was awarded to Wabash River Regional Development Authority and will include other projects in Vigo, Sullivan, Parke and Knox counties.


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