COVID-19 Officially Hits Terre Haute. Virus is Spreading Like WILDFIRE in all of Vigo County.

Empty store shelves in Terre Haute, Covid 19 “fake news” seems to be becoming real news.

The first case of Covid-19 has been confirmed in Terre Haute. The Virus has been spreading in the State steadily for over 3 weeks, but the only patients to be tested have been critically ill or with wealth and influence.

That plan appears to be same. If you think you have it, stay home. If you are an essential worker then just try not to pass it to too many people as you do your job. That’s the best Vigo County can offer you right now. Sorry. The “anyone who needs a test will get a test” has not and is not happening.

Union Hospital announced Thursday March 19, 2020 that the first positive test result had come back from a testing facility.

The general public is still not able to obtain a test, an officials are recommending if you are sick to just stay home.

The explosion in confirmed cases in the United States is about to hit and within the next 10 days some models predict the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 to exceed those of China. (80,000)

By Monday 3/23 (Sunday night) cases will exceed 30,000.

Unemployment will soon be over 20% for Terre Haute, the worst since the Great Depression. The difference being that the government is prepared to prop up those businesses laying off employees for at least the short term.

Health Care workers are about to face their biggest challenge ever in Terre Haute, along with the rest of the world.

Police, EMS, Correctional Officers are also among those,that while extremely fortunate to have a job, do not have a choice to self quarantine and will continue to maintain the daily operations that most take for granted. They can only take off for 14 days if they get a confirmed lab test for Covid-19, but they cannot get the test so they will continue to work.

This is not the flu, it will not be gone in a week, and it is not a political witch Hunt.

Slow the spread,

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