The First Spending Cuts Made by Vigo County School Corporation.

VCSC delivers on budget cuts.  Fulfills Dr. Haworth's plan with Vigo Tax Payers.
Vigo County School Board Approves Budget Cuts, Delivers on Dr. Haworth’s pledge to Vigo County taxpayers.

School Board Approves Spending Cuts, May Need a Sick Day

The Vigo County School Corporation Board made its first move to uphold some of the budget cuts promised by Superintendent Dr. Haworth.

The Vote to close McLean Alternative School and move its operations into the same building as Booker T. Washington was passed. All 87 McLean High School Students will start next school year based in the Booker T High School.

The Combined McLean/Booker T school population potentially would be 147 students in the fall of 2020.

The School Corporation is expected to save $250,000 by closing McLean.

Delaying the bus replacements for one year will save another $1.7 million dollars.

A total of six administration positions will be eliminated. The projected savings is advertised at $650,000 a year.

The school corporation is also supposed to slash $200,000 off of next years energy spending and reduce capital projects by $250,000 for 2020-2021.

The 2020-2021 School Year promises to cut full time employee spending by $175,000 and contract services spending by $150,000.

Text book accounting will save $85,000 and fuel prices will be locked in with a proposed savings next year of $80,000. Paper usage will be cut by $30,000.

The School Corporation also plans to save $100,000 by improving the procurement of goods and services needed by the school corporation and another $200,000 by improving the bus routes within the VCSC.

A $75,000 truck purchase will be delayed and $5,000 in take home cars eliminated.

Finally, reducing preK expenses by $100,000 so that ALL fees are covered by Title 1 ensuring the school corporation does not spend and money not covered by the Federal Grant.

Vigo County School Superintendent Dr. Haworth delivers on his pledge.

GRAND TOTAL of $4,050,000 Promised to be cut from the Vigo County School Corporation Spending next year.

Superintendent Dr. Rob Haworth has invested a monumental amount of planning, talks, and community input into the budget cuts that are needed to get the Vigo County School Corporation back in line with the current and future enrollment numbers for the school corporation.

As enrollment in Vigo Schools continues to decline the need make adjustments to the spending habits became more and more crucial. Dr. Haworth plans to make the necessary corrections and stop the unsustainable deficit spending.

Dr. Haworth’s predecessor has been charged with 3 felony counts of bribery. Dr. Tanoos has appealed those charges to the Indiana Supreme Court. His trial in Marion County has been postponed again until March. Tanoos lost his appeal to have the charges thrown out by the Indiana Court of Appeals. A judge has allowed him to petition the Supreme Court to have the charges thrown out on the basis he didn’t do anything that the Governor hasn’t done.

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