Terre Haute City Council Says “YES” to Chickens and Fire Dept. Overtime

Chickens and Fire Dept get the ok from Terre Haute council

The Terre Haute City Council voted to approve a Chicken Ordinance for people living in the city limits of Terre Haute.





WHEREAS, the City of Terre Haute recognizes the continued to interest by its citizens to engage in urban agriculture through the keeping of chickens within the City limits; 

WHEREAS, the City recognizes the value of animal husbandry for its citizens considering Hoosiers’ close ties and deep roots in agriculture; 

WHEREAS, the Common Council finds it necessary to establish certain parameters to facilitate the keeping of chickens within City limits for certain zoning classifications; 

IT IS HEREBY ORDAINED by the Common Council of the City of Terre Haute that the Terre Haute City Code shall be modified as follows:

            SECTION 1Terre Haute City Code shall be modified or certain sections created with the insertion of the underlined text as follows:


Sec. 4-290      Chart on Fees.

Chicken Flock License$25.006-75


Sec. 6-69        Définitions.

  • Chicken.    Gallus Gallus Domesticus, a domestic bird typically kept on a farm.  This definition does not include other fowl, such as, but not limited to, peacocks, turkeys, or waterfowl.
  • Chicken Coop.    An enclosed structure for housing chickens that provides shelter from the elements.
  • Chicken Flock.    One (1) chicken or a group of two (2) or more chickens which:
  1. Contains no more than eight (8) hens and no roosters; and
  • Is issued a license by the City of Terre Haute; and
  • Resides in an area zoned as Residential 1 or 2 (R1 or R2) or equivalent as the Terre Haute City Code may be amended.         

Sec. 6-72.1      Application for Chicken Flock License.

                a.            Application for a license to harbor a chicken flock shall be made by the owner at

the Board of Public Works and Safety or its designated facility, and shall include the following:

1.                  The name, address and telephone number of the applicant;

  • The descriptions (breed, sex, age, and coloration) of each chicken in the chicken flock; and
  • The address where the chicken flock is to be harbored, and the zoning classification in which such address is located (which must conform with the zoning restrictions found in the definition of “Chicken Flock” found in this Article).
  • The license to harbor a chicken flock shall not be transferable to another person or to another location.
  • No applicant shall harbor more than one chicken flock within the city.
  • No more than one licensed chicken flock shall be harbored at one location.
  • If the applicant withholds or falsifies any information on the license application, no license shall be issued and any license previously issued on false or withheld information shall be revoked.
  • All licenses shall be conditioned upon the applicant granting permission of  chicken coop and run inspection, at reasonable times,  to any animal control officer of the City and/or their designees.
  • The Board of Public Works and Safety, or its designee, may refuse to grant or renew a license and may revoke a license if the applicant/harborer is unable to maintain his/her chicken flock as to not create a nuisance as evidenced by violation of this Article. 
  • No person previously convicted of cruelty to animals shall be registered or issued a license without prior review by the animal control commission or its designee. 
  1. Any applicant under this Section shall also submit the appropriate fee pursuant to Section 6-75.
  • Any license to harbor a chicken flock issued pursuant to this Article shall be valid for two (2) years from the date of issuance.  

Sec. 6-75         Fees.

            h.         Chicken Flock License.

                        1.         Fee                                                                              $25.00

Sec. 6-82         Standards for Maintaining Chicken Flocks.

  1. All harborers of chicken flocks shall:
  1. Operate in such a manner so as to not constitute a public nuisance or disturb neighboring residents due to noise, odor, or damage;
  • Operate in a manner so as to not pose a threat to public health.  Harborers shall isolate chickens which are sick or diseased so as to not endanger the health and well-being of other animals and humans.  When necessary for the protection of the public health and safety, an animal control officer may require the specified animal be kept or confined in a secured enclosure.  All provisions relating to the harboring of chickens is subordinate to any state or federal code governing the treatment of chickens in the event of a threat to human or livestock health;
  • Comply with all of the provisions of Section 6-86 regarding animal care;
  • Keep all chickens completely and securely enclosed and under the control of the harborer on the harborer’s property at all times;
  • Provide both a chicken coop and attached chicken run that afford a combined six (6) square feet per chicken;
  • Provide a chicken coop and attached chicken run that are clean, dry, and odor-free;
  • Provide a chicken coop that affords shelter from the elements;
  • Provide a chicken coop and attached chicken run that, combined, provide adequate ventilation and adequate sun and shade and a deterrent boarder to  protect against rodents, wild birds, dogs, and other predators or vermin;
  • Provide chickens with access to feed and clean water at all times, such feed and water shall be unavailable to rodents, wild birds, dogs, and other predators;
  1. Provide adequate safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to the chickens by members of the public; and
  1. Keep the chicken coop, chicken run and surrounding area free from trash and accumulated droppings.  The harborer shall dispose of chicken waste and uneaten feed in a timely manner and in accordance with Terre Haute City Code.
  1. Refrain from the slaughter of any chicken within the city limits.
  1. Provide a sight fence or shrub screening of at least four (6) feet in height around both the coop and run if visible to adjoining lots;
  1. Locate the chicken coop at least twenty (20) feet from any building not owned or occupied by the harborer that is used or capable of being used for human habitation; and 
  1. Locate the chicken coop at least five (5) feet from the property line of any adjoining lots.
  • All chicken coops and chicken runs shall comply with any and all zoning and building codes and requirements found in Terre Haute City Code
  • Any violation of this Section or Section 6-72.1 may result in a fine of up to $250.00 per day for any first offense, and may result in the revocation of any license to harbor a chicken flock within the City.  Any subsequent violation may result in a fine of up to $2,500.00  per day, and shall require the revocation of any license to harbor a chicken flock within the City indefinitely.   
  • Any violation of this Section or Section 6-72.1 may result in the order of removal or physical removal, relocation and/or destruction of any chicken(s) at the discretion of an animal control officer or his/her designee.
  • The Board of Public Works and Safety is ordered to maintain a voluntary list of individuals and/or groups that are willing to take into possession any chicken or chicken flock that is not in compliance with this Section and/or to take into possession any sick or injured chicken located within the City limits.  

SECTION 2The illegality or invalidity, for any reason, of any of the sections of this ordinance, or parts thereof, shall invalidate only such section or sections as are so determined to be illegal or invalid, any such invalidity shall have no effect on the remaining sections of this ordinance.

SECTION 3All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed.

SECTION 4.  This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after the date of its passage by the Common Council of Terre Haute, Indiana and approval of the Mayor and upon publication as required by law.

Terre Haute City Council approves additional $400,000 for Fire Dept OT. New Total: $1.2 million for 2019



            WHEREAS, There are insufficient funds in a certain account of the Fire Department budget to meet current and anticipated expenditures within said Department, and;

            WHEREAS, There are surplus funds in another account(s) of the same budget, said Accounts being within the appropriation heretofore made for the use of said Department.

            BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED:  That the following transfers be made in the Accounts heretofore appropriated for the use of said Department:

FROM:  #0101-0005-01-412079Office Manager (Controller)                     $11,616.00
   #0101-0005-01-412160Sr. Financial Analyst (Controller)            $53,869.00
   #0101-0005-01-412256Deputy Controller (Controller)                 $60,000.00
   #0101-0005-01-413030Group Health Insurance (Controller)        $30,500.00
   #0101-0005-01-413060PERF (Controller)                                     $14,250.00
   #0101-0005-01-413010Social Security (Controller)                      $  5,465.00
   #0101-0010-01-412122Urban Forester (Engineering)                    $31,500.00
   #0101-0010-01-413030Group Health Insurance (Engineering) $56,000.00
   #0101-0006-01-412226Systems Administrator (IT)                   $44,700.00
   #0101-0006-01-412257Sr. Systems/Network Admin (IT)          $50,400.00
   #0101-0006-01-413030Group Health Insurance (IT)                 $25,000.00
   #0101-0006-01-413060PERF (IT)                                              $10,400.00
   #0101-0006-01-413010Social Security (IT)                              $   6,300.00
TO: #0101-0016-01-412129Overtime (THFD)                                $400,000.00
TOTAL                                                                                                $400,000.00

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