Oct. 5th was clean up day for Terre Haute

Terre Haute garbage piles
Clean up day in Terre Haute results in overwhelming response as dumpsters are filled by residents desperate to get rid of unwanted items.

The City of Terre Haute placed “10 big dumpsters” in the parking lot of the Terre Haute police station and within moments they were filled to capacity.

Currently the City charges residents for waste removal, but that does not include large items that do not fit into the blue dumpsters provided by Republic Service.

Residents of the city are instructed to call Republic Service to schedule large item pickup at 812-298-2100.

After Republic verifies that you are within the city limits and under the city’s contract they will inform you when to place the item out for pick-up.

This process seldom works according to some city residents. Large items like those that made their way to the Police Station Saturday morning often end up sitting curbside and in alleyways for weeks.

The massive volume of trash that filled the dumpsters shortly after the start of the twice a year event signals a desperate need for something else to done.

City residents pay $13.25/month to have trash picked up.  This is billed as solid waste on the monthly sewer bill.  With approximately 22,000 households in Terre Haute that equals $3.5 million in fees for waste pick up.

Additional Code Enforcement Officers will be hired next year to help combat the unsightly yards and alleys. The maximum penalty shall not exceed $300 per day for each day that the city determines a property has garbage or junk located on it.

 The City of Terre Haute and Vigo County recently purchased cameras to catch people illegally dumping in the area.

Currently neither the City or County have any plans to have maintain a central dumpster year round to combat the unlawful dumping of trash or to stem the pile up of materials along alleys and curbs. 

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