LIVE PD TERRE HAUTE PD… THPD sends 4 to JAIL with various charges after F-YOU.

Resident Interfering with a Terre Haute Police Investigation lands whole family in jail.
YOU ABOUT TO EAT SOME CURB>>>SHOULDA KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT. TERREHAUTENEWS is not the owner of this video. This is a link to the A&E footage found on YouTube.

Saturday Nights episode of LIVE PD was feature filled will action from Terre Haute. The main event started when Ofc. Plasse attempted to pull a car over for a traffic stop.

In case you missed it….

Drunks in Action Terre Haute

18 year old Devon Porter was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  He is the man seen touting his Right to Freedom of Speech just before he is “placed on the ground”  for his completely illegal loud talking.  Terre Haute police officer Ryan Plasse stated that he felt Devon Porter was trying to distract him. 

Live PD Terre Haute PD family Take Down
Devon Porter, 18, Arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest

The loud and allegedly drunk woman, Jamie Withrow, is the mother of Devon Porter.  She began shouting “police brutality” when her son was taken to the ground.  Porter, her son, was being arrested in an attempt to quiet down the scene and stop the neighbors from coming outside to see what was going on. 

Live PD Terre Haute PD Family Take Down
Jamie Withrow, 35, Arrested for Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest

Mykel Withrow was the driver of the car that was stopped originally.  He can be seen trying to get in front of his crazed wife, Jamie, and apparently, according to the police in the video, pushes an officer and is taken to ground and handcuffed.

Live PD Terre Haute PD family Take Down
Mykel Withrow, 39, Arrested for Driving without a license, Disorderly Conduct, Obstruction of Justice

Walter Hammond is the bearded, 58 year old father of Jamie and also was arrested for resisting arrest.

Live PD Terre Haute PD Family Take Down
Walter Hammond, 58, Arrested for Resisting Arrest

The young child seen and heard pulling his moms shirt and crying “don’t take my family to jail” was not arrested in the incident.

Devon, Jamie, and Walter are due back in Court on Feb. 13, 2020. Mykel is due back in court on Feb. 20, 2020.

Terre Haute Residents should be reminded to follow TerreHauteNews common sense guidelines for what to do when stopped by law enforcement.  Live PD is here for your entertainment, but someone could have been seriously injured or killed.  Please Read:

TerreHauteNews tips for a LIVE PD/THPD encounter.


  1. These people acted like total trailer trash and the officer was outnumbered and put into a precarious position by their loud mouths, actions, obstruction and refusal to listen to officers commands. They deserved to go to jail!!!


  2. Every Cop, every department, across all socioeconomic levels, will say the same thing. Do What You Are Asked/Told To Do….Law enforcement is CRAZY dangerous and OFFICERS must take every precaution to protect themselves and others. When a person will not obey simple instructions, there is a reason. And it’s never good.


  3. Family got what they deserved. You let the officer conduct his traffic stop and none of this happens. What do you expect him to do when it’s 4 trashy people approaching him aggressively?


  4. This police officer chased this kid down and put him in head lock cause he doesn’t like his ego affronted . The officer escalated the situation, things got heated and could of resolved it with the community he serves by reprimanding the family afterwards and letting them go. It doesnt serve the community to assault their citizens and arresting them.


  5. Hmmm, Vigo county sheriffs name:John Plasse, officers name that made the initial stop..and over-reaction in my opinion:
    Ryan Plasse. What a coincidence.


  6. So everyone here defending the actions of Terre Haute PD, at what point did the young man begin to “completely illegal loud talking.” And everyone defending the PD thinks this insane escalation by the cop was warranted? And just to be clear, you all think this police behavior is warranted over “completely illegal loud talking”!!! Terre Haute, welcome to the list of places I won’t ever be visiting.


  7. Talking loudly in the vicinity of the THPD is “completely illegal” voices are distractions to the investigation, so are dogs, babies, chewing gum, radios, minorities, and the poor.


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